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Suction Rail Systems

Saugschlitzkanal Busbetriebshof
EXA-Saugschlitzkanal für landwirtschaftliche Fahrzeuge mit Hochtemperaturschlauch

Suction rail systems represent the most effective solution for workshops where car lifting platforms are arranged in rows or where cars need to pass through while the extraction hose is still connected. Multiple workplaces arranged side by side can be found in many car repair workshops.

Car manufacturers increasingly offer twin-pipe exhaust systems. Using at least two suction units allows an effective extraction – without the application of additional twin adapter connections. The diversity factor of such a system is determined by the workshop capacity and, if necessary, by the GVO regulations of the manufacturers.

Suction rail systems with different channel cross sections are available for the different applications.

Each workplace in close vicinity to the suction rail can be exhausted perfectly by using our hose reel carts with an extremely high volume of airflow.