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EXA-Absauganlage für die Pkw-AU-Prüfung für Fahrzeuge mit links / rechts Auspuffendrohren wie z. B. Audi, VW, Mercedes oder BMW
EXA-Absauganlagen am Arbeitsplatz
EXA-Schwenkausleger mit elekrischem Aufroller und Funkfernbedienung
EXA-Ventilator eingebaut in einer Schalldämmbox

The company EXA Absaug Technik GmbH provides system technologies for all sectors of local exhausting of exhaust gas, dust and fume, directly at the place of origin. Our solutions are available as stationary or mobile units.

Of course our equipment complies with the valid laws and regulations, such as the German Act on Occupational Safety and Health, the Ordinance on Workplaces, the Industrial Safety Regulation and others.

Your safety is our profession.

In repair workshops for passenger cars and utility vehicles particular workplaces require particular technical measures, for instance when extracting exhaust gas

  • in the service area
  • at the exhaust emission test station
  • in the reception area
  • at the braking system test stand
  • at the engine dynamometer
  • from motorcycles

In addition, our extraction systems are also suitable for extracting welding fume in the field of bodywork repair.


Ventilation fan and noise protection

Because nowadays a great value is attached to low noise emissions, high attention should be paid to the characteristics of ventilation fans before purchasing an exhaust extraction system.

We offer ventilation fans of top quality and functionality ensuring excellent sound insulation and easy maintenance.