EXA-Rohrschwenkausleger (Länge 8 m) mit zentralem Ventilator für kommunale Fahrzeuge mit obenliegenden Auspuffendrohren
Saugschlitzkanal Busbetriebshof
EXA-Saugschlitzkanal für landwirtschaftliche Fahrzeuge mit Hochtemperaturschlauch

The name EXA® Systems stands for practical solutions. For more than two decades EXA develops and produces products and systems for more safety in working places.

By professionals for professionals

Our complete systems and components offer respectable quality and practice-oriented solutions.

We participate actively in working groups and expert boards and therefore know exactly what our customers need. Of course, our systems correspond to all legal regulations.

One of our focal points is the professional exhaust gas extraction in repair workshops for cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles and also for fire brigades and municipal facilities.

  • Above-floor exhaust gas extraction systems
    • Suction rails
    • Hose reels
    • Pipeline networks
  • Underfloor exhaust gas extraction systems
    • Passenger car
    • Motortruck
  • Mobile systems
  • Compact systems
  • Single components

We are pleased to issue an offer for an optimized configuration of plants that will meet your requirements.

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About us

About us

  • About us

    EXA systems, a synonym for practical solutions

    For more than two decades EXA develops and produces products and systems for more workplace safety. The main focus of development is on reliable EXA...

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Application Fields

Application fields

  • Application Fields

    The company EXA Absaug Technik GmbH provides system technologies for all sectors of local exhausting of exhaust gas, dust and fume, directly at the place of origin. Our solutions are available as...

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Environmental Technology

Environmental technology

  • Environmental Technology

    Environmentally safe storage of water-hazardous liquids
    Environmental protection within the company – the requirements will escalate due to the growing environmental awareness and official...

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