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Workshops for passenger cars and utility vehicles

EXA-Absauganlage für die Pkw-AU-Prüfung für Fahrzeuge mit links / rechts Auspuffendrohren wie z. B. Audi, VW, Mercedes oder BMW
EXA-Absauganlagen am Arbeitsplatz
EXA-Schwenkausleger mit elekrischem Aufroller und Funkfernbedienung
EXA-Schweißrauchfilter mobil
EXA-Ventilator eingebaut in einer Schalldämmbox

EXA Absaug Technik GmbH provides system technologies for all sectors of local exhausting of exhaust gas, dust and fume, directly at the place of origin. Our solutions are available as stationary or mobile units

Exhaust extraction in the service area

Underfloor extraction systems, single-point exhausting, hose reels and suction rail systems – these are the various options for performing exhaust extraction.

Exhaust extraction at the exhaust emission test station

  • The appropriate collection element needs to be available.
  • The correct positioning of the collection element in the exhaust tailpipe should be ensured.
  • Care must be taken for the suitable configuration of the system components.

Exhaust extraction in the reception area

It is usual that, during customer talks, the engine has to be run, even though for a short period only. The trouble-free extraction of exhaust gases is a very important aspect in the course of sales efforts.

Apart from the correct positioning of the collection element (for only then the extraction system can work properly), attention should be paid to not disturb the customer meeting by any noise.

Exhaust extraction at the braking system test stand

In the passenger car workspace, the brake dynamometer is often integrated into a test lane; whereas in the truck section it is often designed as a separate test stand in combination with an exhaust emission test station. Sometimes this work area is located outdoors. The length of hose should be generously dimensioned, because the position of the exhaust pipes varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Exhaust extraction at the performance test station

Exhaust extraction systems for engine dynamometers are subject to high requirements. Compared to the standard application, the difference mostly lies in higher exhaust gas temperatures as well as the increased amount of exhaust gas.

Welding fume extraction during car body repairs

For the proper planning of an extraction system in the car body workspace it is essential to verify the spatial conditions. Because of the considerable noise exposure and the dirt level, a separate workspace for car body repairs should be considered seriously. A separate lane and head unit should exist for body repairs to trucks. Nowadays, an integrated vehicle drivethrough is usually included in the planning for new constructions.

Exhaust extraction for motorcycles

All exhaust gas extraction systems which can be mounted in a passenger car workshop are as well recommended for a motorcycle workshop – including all components (suction rails, hose reels, funnels, hoses, fans, etc.).

Ventilation fan and noise insulation

Because nowadays a great value is attached to low noise emissions, high attention should be paid to the characteristics of ventilation fans before purchasing an exhaust extraction system. There are considerable differences regarding the sound level and as well the suction capacity. It is important that the total suction capacity will not be affected by the pressure loss, which might occur in any installation. Therefore, the bias point – i.e. the actual suction capacity with corresponding pressure loss – has to be ensured as shown in the ventilation fan characteristics. After being collected by appropriate pipe systems – e.g. spiral ducts – the exhaust air is routed to the ventilation fan and then outgoing above the roof. The local building regulations must be observed.