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Above-floor Exhaust Extraction Systems

EXA-Rohrschwenkausleger (Länge 8 m) mit zentralem Ventilator für kommunale Fahrzeuge mit obenliegenden Auspuffendrohren

Reliable exhaust extraction systems are available for every application and every exhaust quantity. Efficient above-floor equipments can be chosen out of different systems and various modes of control – always specially designed for the required needs and the desired performance.

Suction rail systems

They represent the most effective solution if a number of workplaces is arranged side by side. Please find detailed information here.

Single point extraction

This term describes exhaust extraction systems for single workplaces, consisting of ventilation fan, exhaust gas hose, and extraction funnel. Usually, these components are mounted below or directly on the wall / ceiling.

Hose reels

Hose reels with spring balancers or run by electric drive offer the possibility to store the hose off the floor after being used. Hose reels are available as compact system with directly attached fan or as well as central system with a joint pipeline made of galvanised spiral ducts. Control can be operated either by manual use of spring recoiled hose reels or via suspension devices and wall-mounted panels or by means of radio-remote control.

In workshops which an integrated crane runway, the usage of hose reels is almost the only way to perform above-floor extraction. It might be advisable to add a safeguard for the crane runway. The installation height is approx. 3.80 m up to 10 m.